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SimpliSafe and Alexa (Amazon Echo or Echo Dot) Integration script.

Are you one of the millions of users that have purchased the SimpliSafe home monitoring system and want to integrate it with your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot (Alexa)? Well now it's possible! Using an API server directive in tandem with your Alexa App and a third party app IFTTT (both are free) this simple setup process will have you connecting your Echo to your SimpliSafe alarm system in just minutes!

If you plan to buy this subscription, you should make sure those apps are downloaded onto your Android, Iphone or Tablet to save some time.

Before you proceed read these simple facts to see if this integration will work for you.

    1. You must have the $24.99/month monitoring plan and the ability to control your alarm via an app on your phone or tablet.

    2. We offer this configuration for a subscripton fee of $.99/cents per month. For less than a buck, it's a very small price to pay for this integration and helps us to cover server costs for the API script connections.

    3. You will have to provide your email address and SimpliSafe password that you connect to your control panel with. This information is NEVER shared or sold, it is stored on our server via only authenticated sessions in an MD5 hash and is never directly accessed by our staff. We do not need or ask for your home address and we never access any user's control panel. This data is simply sent with the API connection for authentication. As the lead developer for this site, I personally own a SimpliSafe system and several Echo Dots. This is why I built this script. :)

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